The decks are made from 7 layers of individually compression-molded Canadian maple by Quarter Distribution in Berlin. The wood is obtained from gentle and sustainable forestry around the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Both the special adhesive and the paintwork are particularly durable and at the same time environmentally friendly. They source the blank decks from factories with decades of experience in production and development. Each deck is individually compression-molded and undergoes three separate quality controls during production to prevent production errors. 

  • 7-Ply Canadian Maple Wood
  • Bottom side mirror foil

  • FUFU x Zupply Griptape included

Due to the production process optical deviations in the glaze and print are possible.

    LIMITED to 10 Pieces
    in 8.625 and 8.75

    FUFU x Zupply Griptape included

    We can't promise that the deck will actually make you skate better, however, make it possible for Fufu Culture e.V. to continue its work.

    Find out more here.

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