Anyone can get their skateboards made at some chop shop that has no experience, history or culture. But only few (like BAKER and FUFU) can get their boards from the original laminated skateboard manufacturer BBS Manufacturing in San Marcos, California.

  • 7-Ply Canadian Maple Wood
  • Made in the USA

  • Bottom side printed in silver and neon color

  • FUFU x Zupply Griptape included

Due to the production process optical deviations in the glaze and print are possible.

    to 30 Pieces

    From Mid November
    PRe-Order via e-Mail

    FUFU x Zupply Griptape included

    We can't promise that the deck will actually make you skate better, however, make it possible for Fufu Culture e.V. to continue its work.



     BBS stands for Bare Back Skateboards, which started as a Longboard Brand in 1996. The original skateboard that they made, and the idea behind the name, was a skateboard that you rode barefoot, and without grip tape. This was all around the time that the internet was just getting started. Within a few years, the internet had exploded, and the Porn Industry cornered the term Bareback. When anyone tried to search up their Skateboard Company, they would get bombarded with Porn Pop Ups and Computer Viruses. By the early 2000’s they had abandoned running the Longboard Brand in favor of OEM Manufacturing, so they dropped Bare Back Skateboards to just BBS.


    So, if anyone asks, it’s just “BBS”.

    © BBS

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